Stiftung Warentest is a foundation. It was established in 1964 by the German federal parliament with the aim of helping consumers by providing impartial and objective information based on the results of comparative investigations of goods and services.

Stiftung Warentest offers an extensive range of books about topics such as health and nutrition, the home and garden as well as finance and legal issues. Last year 39 new books have been published, and sum total there are more than 150 titles available.

Some statistics: since it was founded Stiftung Warentest has carried out nearly 5,900 tests and tested a good 100,000 products. In addition, we have carried out investigations of over 3,100 services. The results are published each year more than 7,2 million copies of our magazines.
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Following a comprehensive planning phase, Stiftung Warentest’s staff compile an investigation programme and purchase the test samples anonymously in shops, just like regular customers.

The test magazine is Stiftung Warentest’s oldest and best-known publication. Since 1966 it has provided impartial and objective advice about the products and services of ever­yday life. In addition to the tests and investigations, there are also articles, as well as information about trends and useful tips for consumers. Paid circulation: 396,000 copies.

Over­view of the indivi­dual steps in a comparative product test

In accordance with our statutes (PDF, Statuts en français), Stiftung Warentest has three bodies: The Board, Supervisory Board and Advisory Council. What role do they play and who are the members? Here is an over­view:

Over­view of the indivi­dual steps in a comparative product test

From A for assets to Z for zero-bonds – „Finanztest“ has been on the market since 1991 and has specialised in topics such as insurance, investment, tax and legal issues. A continually updated database provides a comprehensive comparison of equity funds, loans and savings interest rates each month. The paid circulation totals 205,000 copies.