Fleisch und Bier.
Männer brauchen nur Fleisch und Bier!
Das ist alles!

Was braucht man zum Grillen?

Fürchte dich nie vor Schatten. Sie bedeuten nur, dass irgendwo in der Nähe ein Licht scheint.

When you were little, sticking your tongue out was like giving someone the middle finger.

Männer: Fleisch und Bier!

Nein, doch nicht aus Coca Cola.
Sie besteht natürlich nicht aus Coca Cola.

Created by Lucas Kern

Bringt die Liebe die Welt zum Drehen?

Besteht eine Träne aus Coca Cola?

G. Was gibt es hier? Remember that the expression “es gibt” means ‘there is/are’, but that it takes an accusative noun. With that in mind, describe the picture below in a few sentences. Use the clues provided (articles are needed when indicated by ‘a’), and then add one or two sentences of your own.

C. Was isst du gern? For each category of food, write a sentence saying what items you most like to eat or drink. Include at least two items for each category. You do not need to use articles in these sentences.

F. Pluralformen. You will need to know the plural forms of some of the more common foods on your vocabulary list. Practice the plural forms here: fill in the blanks with the appropriate plural nouns.

B. Welches Wort passt nicht? Which word in each group does not belong with the others? Circle the word that doesn’t belong.

E. Assoziationen. What vocabulary words do you associate with the following? Many answers are possible; just choose two or three words that first come to mind.

A. Bildergalerie. Identify each of the foods pictured below. Make sure to write the article (der/die/das) as well!

Arbeitsblatt: Das Essen und die Lebensmittel

D. Die Mahlzeiten. Now tell what you eat at each mealtime, again stating at least two items for each meal.

Es gibt _________ __________________ (a table) in dem Zimmer. Es gibt _________ ________________ (a cake) auf dem Tisch. Es gibt auch _____________ (wine) und _____________________ (beverages) auf dem Tisch. Es gibt auch _________ ______________ (a lamp) auf einem kleinen Tisch. Viele Leute ______________ (are eating) und _________________ (drinking) . Ein Mann _____________ ______________ (is playing guitar) , eine Frau bringt ________________ (coffee) ins Zimmer. _____________________________________________